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Group​s​ We Offer: 

Group Counseling for Moms: 

If you or someone you know might be interested in Group Counseling for Moms please visit this link and fill out our survey and we will contact you with dates for the group. 

Please contact us for any questions or concerns regarding this group session.  

Couples Retreat: 

Are you ready to refresh and rest your relationship or marriage? Envision an entire week of relaxation in the Caribbean at one of the 5-star, all inclusive, luxury Sandals Resort with you and your partner. During this week you two will attend empowering and motivating workshops that that will provide you two with the tools to strengthen your relationship.  

Our Couples/Marriage workshops will give you and your partner the tools to: 

  • Heal and move forward from past traumas  
  • Revive the connection and deepen the bond
  • Improve listening/understanding, communication skills  
  • Overcome conflict and forgive 
  • Empower one another 
These resorts will include, but are not limited to: 
  • Gourmet Restaurants
  • Luxury Rooms  
  • Water Activities 
  • Unlimited food and drinks 
  • Transportation to and from airport 
  • Beach front stays 

Rates depend on the resort and size of group. 

If you and your partner are interested in joining one of our couples retreat, please fill out this form and will contact you with further information. 


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