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Coping With Anxiety and Depression

Do you suffer from panic attacks? Excessive worrying? These are signs of anxiety.

Do you find yourself lacking motivation, sleeping excessively, can't sleep, or just feeling sad all of the time? These are signs of depression.

Holly L. Horn Counseling Services can help. We utilize an experiential type of counseling that is the most effective with exploring the emotional blocks that have negative effects on emotions. Rates are available upon request. Sliding scales are also available. Holly Horn, our company owner, has a passion for working with veterans, active duty, and their families.

To assist with a variety of struggles, we offer individual counseling. Anxiety and depression are frequently the result of struggles that impact life. People working through challenging times in their lives benefit a great deal with guidance, understanding, and a new perspective. We will help by adding the coping skills needed to move past these difficult times.

Family Support

Families can be our key support systems as well as our biggest obstacle. Seeing the family as a whole is the most successful form of counseling. However, the family unit can look different for everyone.

We use unique techniques to deal with all of the difficulties the family is experiencing and help work with everyone involved to provide support. This addresses and reduces signs of depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms.

Holly L. Horn Counseling Services offers an 8-week co-parenting therapy series that our owner herself has created to help blended, nontraditional families, newly divorced or separated families, relatives as caregivers, and families that have added parental figures under any circumstances. The end result of this therapy will be a parenting plan and a certificate of completion.

Intensive groups are unique to our practice. We have designed a 4-week intensive group to address specific relationships.

The first group of this type is for mothers and daughters (age 12-17 years old). Because this is a fragile time for mothers and daughters, the group addresses concerns, issues, and struggles that occur during the relationship. The fees for this group are set up to include either the entire series, which is $350.00 for all 4 weeks (which includes 3 groups every other week) or $25.00 per group.

Groups will also be offered for women struggling with relationships and for adults suffering from anxiety as well as depression. Fees for these groups are available upon request. Screening appointments are required. Get in touch with us in Charlotte, North Carolina for more information.

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